I’m Sorry!

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I have been very under active with my blog, quite simply I’m delighted to say that I have been, and still am very busy with the wedding season. I have been very fortunate to have met with so many lovely couples who have secured me to perform their wedding ceremonies.

Things will be starting to slow down a little very soon and I will post about the weddings I have done along with more photographs…Watch this space


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Had a great weekend ‘interviewing’ prospective weddings couples and secured all that I met with…2015 is already shaping up to be a busy year for me…excellent.

Busy times

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It’s so  nice to deal with so many happy people who are looking forward to their wedding day. I’ve met with a few couples in ‘Candlelight Floral Designs’  new store, which has a lovely ‘bridal room’ and a convenient coffee shop next door…a win win situation!

Wedding fever!

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I’ve had a busy few days with meeting brides and grooms, brides and brides, and grooms and grooms…this year is going to be a busy one in Maryland. Happy days for me. I get to meet so many happy people…what more could I want…..I love my work!

Spring…is here…I think!

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The sun is shining and thoughts turn to the lovely spring wedding season.

I’ve been taking calls for some brides and grooms whose chosen venue has closed leaving them without a place to marry…so sad and worrying for them. This causes huge problems, and has a knock on effect with other vendors….so an ill wind as they say…..and I’ve got a few more wedding dates slotted in. Ring me if you’re looking for an officiant in a hurry..I might be able to help you!

Transatlantic Wedding!

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Transatlantic wedding!

This is the first time I’ve had this happen to me…!

Meeting up with the groom in the UK , then flying to the USA and meeting with the bride yesterday to discuss plans for their forthcoming wedding in May….So looking forward to this wedding at Stone Manor Country Club …  which is  a beautiful wedding venue!


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I was very lucky to meet and talk with a lovely young engaged couple about their forthcoming wedding in September.    They were a joy to talk to and such happy people, they have ‘engaged’ me to perform their ceremony, I’m a very happy officiant!

What makes a beautiful Wedding Day?

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A number of things …obviously the bride and groom, happy and smiling enjoying their day, but when a ceremony interrupted with an unexpected tear from the officiant, and many of the guests come forward offering tissues to save the day!